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Etsy Pay-Per-Click

Etsy Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising model on Etsy where Etsy sellers can pay to have their listings prominently displayed in Etsy’s search results and category pages. This model allows sellers to bid on keywords related to their products, and they are charged a fee each time a potential customer clicks on their ad. This method is especially beneficial for increasing the visibility of products and driving targeted traffic to a shop.

Why Etsy PPC is Important

Standing out among millions of sellers on Etsy is challenging. Etsy PPC ads provide an opportunity for sellers to boost their listings’ visibility, reaching potential buyers precisely when they are searching for related products. This targeted approach is crucial for increasing the likelihood of sales, improving shop visibility, and accelerating growth, especially for new or less-visible shops.

How Etsy PPC Works

Etsy PPC utilizes a keyword bidding system where sellers choose keywords relevant to their products and set a bid amount they are willing to pay for a click. Ads are displayed based on these bids, with higher bids more likely to earn prominent ad placements. Sellers can control their daily advertising spend, ensuring they stay within budget while maximizing their visibility.

What We Do at TekzoTech

Our Etsy PPC management services are designed to optimize your ad spend and increase your return on investment. Our PPC services include:

  • Analyze your shop and products to identify the most effective keywords.
  • Set up and manage your Etsy PPC campaigns, focusing on maximizing visibility while controlling costs.
  • Monitor performance and adjust bids, keywords, and ad strategies to ensure ongoing optimization.
  • Provide reports on campaign performance, offering insights and recommendations for further growth.

Key Benefits

✅ Increased visibility for your Etsy shop and listings.

✅ Targeted advertising to potential buyers actively searching for products like yours.

✅ Control over advertising spend with customizable daily budgets.

✅ Detailed insights into ad performance and buyer trends.

Tekzo Tech Etsy PPC management services would make sure that your store can achieve the visibility it needs to thrive on Etsy. Our approach is to partner with you in driving more shoppers to your products, optimizing your advertising spend for the best possible return on investment.

Success in Sales Growth

Our clients enjoy strong sales growth, showcasing our proficiency to improve Etsy store success.

Stories of Successful Etsy Projects

Etsy Client Feedback

Our reviews provide true opinions from our clients who have hired us for our ecommerce services for their Etsy stores.

Upwork Client Jewelry Store Project

"I have worker with Malik a few times. He is good with basic needs. But you have to fix and work again his works because never fully completed. Too many back and forth messages, corrections are little overwhelming for me. If you need draft works for Etsy, he is great"

Upwork Client Etsy Store Optimization

"Malik is awesome! He is patient and very talented. If you need someone to optimize your Etsy store, do research, find the right products, and take the time to listen, hire this guy right here. I'll definitely be connecting with him again whenever I need additional work in my e-commerce store."

Upwork Client Listing tags for ETSY products - Wedding Stationery

"Very efficient and clear delivery via doc (as requested by me), and instructions are easy to follow. Can't be sure of results just yet as I have only started implementing them."

Upwork Client Etsy Services

"Malik is an excellent freelancer. Have worked with him on various projects and he delivers as promised. He is inquisitive and likes to understand projects and milestones before moving forward, an essential and rare quality in freelancers today! If you are looking for someone who can do things efficiently in the e-commerce and/or web management industry, then Malik is your guy!"

Upwork Client Print on demand project

"Did a great job on the project, we will hire him again if we need more help. Thank you."

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